The Nerd Wars Podcast, Episode 9: MollieWollie (part 1)

Opening Rambles
- Thanks to Nitro9 for the theme music!
- Venus Transit time-lapse
Venus Transit

A First Chat with MollieWollie
- Chronicles of Prydain
- The Black Cauldron
- Dale Murphy:

- Discworld:
- Turtles all the way down…

- Jingo:
- Tiffany Aching:
- Avatar: the Four Elements:
- Avatar: the Legend of Kora
- My Little Pony/Skyrim

Closing Rambles
- Podcast Theme Contest! Send your theme song submissions to
- Stump Elise!
- Voicemail line: 423-509-8750. Call me any time!


The Musics
- Nitro9′s submission

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Nerd Wars Podcast, S02 E02
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